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Sound Healing

Astarius Banner Sound Healing
Astarius Didgeridoo

These Healing Transmissions combine the use of Vocal Harmonics, Didgeridoo, Reiki and Crystal Wands.  Sound is the primordial first cause of Creation. The Didgeridoo is a musical instrument of the Dreamtime and came into being through Tribal Aborigines. The Didgeridoo is played through circular breathing. Inhalation and exhalation are simultaneous, so the sound is continuous, echoing the Endless nature of Eternity.

Musical sound passing through the Didgeridoo, Vocal Harmonics and Reiki with the Intention to Heal awakens the memory of Self beyond all pain and suffering. The Universe lives within your Soul.

Through the Breath of God we became living souls. Through mouth to mouth resuscitation a dying person has life blown back into their body. Life is Breath and Breath Healing. The Power of Breath is multiplied many times through Vocal Harmonics, the Didgeridoo and Reiki. Sound is formless and vibrates much faster than the body. Through Sound Healing the body is accelerated into higher states of balance.

Sound is from the Beginning-less Beginning, when God/Goddess/Absolute made “Celestial Love” and "Dreamed Awake" Creation into Being. Invite the sound into your body and "Dream Awake" your Wholeness!                                                                                              

Healing Transmissions

Intuitive Readings and Healing Transmissions available via Facebook video, Zoom, or Skype

People report feeling tingles, joyful, peaceful, safe, entranced and expanded while receiving these “Healing Transmissions!

Experience the Music and Become the Sound!

Sound Healing Pricing


Lions, Tigers and Didgeridoo
Astarius Sounding the Big Cats
Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Astarius Didge Healing with a White Tiger

My experience of playing the didgeridoo for the big cats at Out of Africa Wildlife Park was one of the most profound events of my life and its richness will last forever. The response that these animals had to my playing came from the pure instinctual core of their being, with no sifting through intellect as with humans.

I believe that the "Animal Spirit" (AN-IM-ALL SPIRIT) is an access code to the Eternal. The use of circular breathing in playing the didgeridoo produces uninterrupted sound, reflecting the endless nature of Eternity.  My experience with these majestic cats spanned about five hours, yet in my Soul it was from the beginningless beginning to the endless end. 

My experience included an additional dozen or so big cats not shown in these photos (more lions, tigers, white tigers, leopards, and a few cougars). I am grateful to Dean and Prayeri Harrison, the owners of the park, for honoring me to come in and play for the animals.  I am also grateful to Astara for taking these photos.

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