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Astrology, Psychic, & Tarot Readings


Intuitive Readings and Healing Transmissions available via Facebook video, Zoom, or Skype

Intuitive Readings

These Reading Transmissions are a combination of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot shared through “Divine Intuition”.

Healing Transmissions

These Healing Transmissions combine the use of Vocal Harmonics, Didgeridoo, Reiki and Crystal Wands.  Sound is the primordial first cause of Creation. The Didgeridoo is a musical instrument of the Dreamtime and came into being through Tribal Aborigines. The Didgeridoo is played through circular breathing. Inhalation and exhalation are simultaneous, so the sound is continuous, echoing the Endless nature of Eternity.

Musical sound passing through the Didgeridoo, Vocal Harmonics and Reiki with the Intention to Heal awakens the memory of Self beyond all pain and suffering. The Universe lives within your Soul.

Through the Breath of God we became living souls. Through mouth to mouth resuscitation a dying person has life blown back into their body. Life is Breath and Breath Healing. The Power of Breath is multiplied many times through Vocal Harmonics, the Didgeridoo and Reiki. Sound is formless and vibrates much faster than the body. Through Sound Healing the body is accelerated into higher states of balance.

Sound is from the Beginning-less Beginning, when God/Goddess/Absolute made “Celestial Love” and "Dreamed Awake" Creation into Being. Invite the sound into your body and "Dream Awake" your Wholeness!                                                                                              


Experience the Music and Become the Sound!

People report feeling tingles, joyful, peaceful, safe, entranced and expanded while receiving these “Healing Transmissions!

We are living in times of tremendous forces, where the responsibility to be true to yourself and the highest intentions for your life is greater than ever. The Spiritual Maturity rate will skyrocket and forces of life will bring some to their heights and others to their depths. What will you choose in the wake of these awesome forces?


I am honored to support you in your process.


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