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Embedded with Binaural Beats and the Legendary Invocation Spirit Rap, total time 64:34

Song List: 1. Sound Wizard 2. HeartGasm 3. Seven Portals 4. Primordial Birth 5. Ambrosia 6. Sonic Abundance 7. Peace Mystic 8. Shanti 9. 13:13 Ascension

With Binaural Beats
(Former title and mix: Miraculii Abundance Rap)

Song List: 1. Prosperity Master Plan 2. The Great Femifestation 3. Cause & Effect 4. Success & Prosperity 5. Money Formula 6. Spirit Rap 7. WalkingOnWings

"DEEP SPACE MEDITATION" With Binaural Beats 10 songs, total time 60:09

Song List: 1.Deep Space Meditation 2.Peace Mystic 3.Soul Ascension 4.The Eternal Now 5.Cosmos 6.God Within 7.Primordial Heart Ascending 8.Phoenix 9.Milky way Dreamtime 10.Deep Space Love

"Spirit Rap Spicy Version" (An amazing expansion of the original version) 12 songs, total time 60:10
Ancient Tribal Chanting, Invocations, Affirmations and Vocal Overtoning. "The Expansion of the Universe is at the mercy of your Personal Growth"!

Song List: 1.Let There Be 2.My Being 3.I Am That I Am 4.Spirit Rap 5.Ancient Times Two 6.Violet Fire One 7.Money Formula One 8.Money Formula Two 9.Violet Fire Two 10.Ancient Times Two 11.Walk In Shaman 12.Great Whale

Dedicated to and Inspired by Abraham
Esther and Jerry Hicks
A Transmission that Evokes Higher Consciousness

Song List: 1. God Within 2. Abraham Primordial Heart 3. Sedona Dream 4. Neptune DreamAwake 5. On Wings of Creation 6. Serpent Lion Goddess 7. Soul Ascension 8. Primordial Heart Ascending 9. Great Whale Ride 10. DNA Ascension Chant Total Time: 65:15

"SPIRIT RAP DOUBLE IMPACT" (A vocal double exposure activing the sonic dance of the right and left brain) 12 songs, total time 60:10
"The Expansion of the Universe is at the mercy of your Personal Growth"!

Song List: 1.Let There Be 2.My Being 3.I Am That I Am 4.Spirit Rap 5.Ancient Times Two 6.Violet Fire One 7.Money Formula One 8.Money Formula Two 9.Violet Fire Two 10.Ancient Times Two 11.Walk In Shaman 12.Great Whale

"WalkingOnWings" The Best of Astarius 13 Songs Total Time: 72:20
Didgeridoo - Vocal Harmonics – Tribal Drumming
Song List: 1. WalkingOnWings 2. Peace Mystic 3. Ambrosia 4. Ascension Rap Pow Wow 5. 2012 Ascension 6. 7 Portals 7. Spirit Rap Shaman 8. Primordial Didge 9. Trumpet Angels 10. Synergy 11. Shanti 12. Wealthy 13. Lotus Crown

"REIKI TEMPLE CHANTS" by Astarius Miraculii
with Astara Reiki-Om and Shanti Moore
Dedicated to the Masters Usui, Hayashi and Takata
12 songs, total time 59:24
Healing Chants, Songs and Invocations connected to the Ancient Roots of Reiki - featuring Didgeridoo and Vocal Overtones.

Song List: 1.Reiki Fire 2.Reiki Healer 3.Sheanawah 4.Initiation 5.Timeless Traveler 6.Attunement 7.Reiki Anthem Rap 8.Reiki Master 9. Reiki Anthem 10.Spiral Dragon 11. Lighten Up 12. Initiation 1

"SONIC ASCENSION" A Tribute To Sedona 7 songs, time 60:13
A Multidimensional Orchestra of Vocal Harmonics, Tibetan Bells and Crystal Bowls echoing the resonance of Ascension.
Song List: 1. Sedona Dreaming, 2. God, 3. Sedona, 4. Sonic Ascension, 5. Goddess, 6. Ascension Temple, 7. Uranus

"UTOPIA" by Astarius 12 songs; time 61:00
Astarius' Mystifying Didgeridoo & Magnificent Vocal Overtones with Awesome Guest Drummer Brent Lewis
Song List:
1. Utopia, 2. Shaman, 3. Ambrosia, 4. Synergy, 5. Pow Wow in Paradise, 6. Nirvana, 7. Lucid Dreaming, 8. Buddha's Rainbow, 9. Ascension Spiral, 10. Samadhi Trance, 11. Shangri-La, 12. Medicine Journey

"DNA Ascension" The Second Coming of Spirit Rap
11 songs; time 60:01
A Sonic Tonic to fire the 12 codes of Human DNA, to JumpStart Ascended Flesh.
Song List:
1. DNA Ascension 1, 2. DNA Ascension 2, 3. Tibetan Star Codes, 4. 15 Reiki Star Codes, 5. DNA Ascension 3, 6. Ascended Flesh, 7. DNA Ascension 4, 8. Clan of Trumpet Angels, 9. Eyah Wayah Portal through Eternity, 10. DNA Ascension 5, 11. Spirit Rap.

"PRIMORDIAL DIDGE" 12 songs, total time 60:55
Tribal Drumming, Exotic Didgeridoo Rythms. BLISSFUL, SPELLBINDING!

Song List: 1.Tribal Love 2.Samadhi 3.Lion People 4.Wealthy 5.Primordial Didge 6.Contact 7.Buddha's Bliss 8.Messiah 9.Liberation 10.Quan Yin 11.Spiral 12.One Didge Galloping

"Ascension Rap" 12 songs, time: 69:08
Tribal Chanting/Drumming, Overtone Harmonics, Invocations
Song List:
1. Ascension Rap Pow Wow 2. Amazing Creator 3. I Am Ascended 4. Ascension Rap 5. Chango 6. Burning Man Overtones 7. I The Universe 8. I The Universe Am 9.Uanta 10. Eternal Oneness 11. The Universe Got Wet 12. Burning Man Song

"Trumpet Angel DidgeriDuke" 13 songs, time: 62:46
Didgeridoo, the whole Didgeridoo and nothing but the Didgeridoo!SPECTACULAR
Song List: 1. Trumpet Angels 2. Ascension Pow Wow 3. DidgeriDuke 4. Liberation 5. Voice of Angels 6. The Eternal Now 7. Duke of Angels 8. Shaman Ascension 9. Lotus Crown 10. Milky Way Dreamtime 11. The Infinite Here 12. Holy Ghost 13. Aboriginal Spirit

Astarius' first CD Powerfully Re-Created! A Must Have!
8 songs, total time 54:16
Soaring Vocal Overtones, with Digeridoo and Tibetan Bells.

Song List: 1.Seven Portals 2.Ascension Current 3.DNA Translation 4.12:12 Miraculi 5.Ashtar 6.Winged Vessels 7. 11:11 Translation 8.Astarius

"ECHOES OF ETERNITY" 9 songs, total time 59:02
Didgeridoo, Vocal Overtoning, Ocarina and Whales.

Song List: 1.Great Whale 2.Neptune Dreaming 3.Serpent Cat Goddess 4.Chiron 5.Echoes of Eternity 6.Earth Ascending 7. Uranus 8.Om Shaman 9.Riding the Dragon

"ASTARIUS" 10 songs, total time 60:10
Didgeridoo, Heartbeat, Awesome Nature Sounds.
Song List:
1.Sunrise 2.Merkabah 3.Ascension 4.Nexus 5.Babaji 6.Brahma's Dream 7.The Void 8.Om 9.Creation 10.Shanti

"Fifth Dimension" Time 69:39

The complete merge of the two CDs, "Spirit Rap and "Ascension Rap"
It's the Eye (I) of the HEARicane/HEREicane........OUTRAGEOUSLY POWERFUL!

"SPIRIT RAP" 12 songs, total time 60:12
Ancient Tribal Chanting, Invocations, Affirmations and Vocal Overtoning.

Song List: 1.Let There Be 2.My Being 3.I Am That I Am 4.Spirit Rap 5.Ancient Times Two 6.Violet Fire One 7.Money Formula One 8.Money Formula Two 9.Violet Fire Two 10.Ancient Times Two 11.Walk In Shaman 12.Great Whale

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Trumpet AngelAstarius has created this Music with the powerful intention to activate multi levels of Healing. In the beginning was Sound by which all things are created! Sound is the access code, the bridge between Heaven and Earth. On these CDs, Astarius plays several instruments. His main expression is through the Didgeridoo and Vocal Harmonics.

The Didgeridoo (an ancient wind instrument from the tribal Aborigines of Australia) produces multi leveled low and high tones, voices within voices reflecting Eternity (Everyone, Everywhere, Every when). While playing the Didgeridoo Astarius breathes in and out at the same time (circular breathing) producing continuous Sound with no pause.

Through His Music He channels the Breath of God to activate Our Eternal Nature. Astarius also uses Vocal Harmonics to produce more than one tone simultaneously. These Vocal Harmonics consist of a fundamental low tone with high overtones, which activates the marriage between Spirit and Body. The Low Tone grounds the body while the High Overtones (as Spirit) lift the Body on Winged Songs of Ascension.

This Music has been created to take us to the Next Level.

Welcome to the MIRACLE OF SOUND!

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