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Intuitive Readings and Healing Transmissions available via Facebook video, Zoom, or Skype

Astarius Reiki

Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient hands-on Healing Art that was re-introduced to the world in the early nineteen hundreds (in Japan) by Master Mikao Usui. Master Usui passed Reiki on to Master Chujiro Hayashi who passed it on to Master Hawayo Takata. Master Takata was a Hawaii-born Japanese woman who brought Reiki to the west. There are now millions of people around the world who practice the Reiki Healing Art. It involves the Healing of Self and others. Reiki is Universal Life Energy, the container of Consciousness and an access code to the Ascension frequency.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Trainings

The Reiki Healing Art is passed on to the student by way of an ancient ritual performed by a Reiki Master. This ritual is known as the Reiki Initiation/Attunement procedure. The ability to Heal is a gift that we all have. When one is Initiated into Reiki they become a more wide-open channel for the transmission of Healing Forces. In the Usui system of Reiki, there are three levels: 1st degree, 2nd degree, and the Master level. The first degree involves basic Healing for self and others. At the second level, one learns the art of distant Healing, to send Healing forward in time, backward in time, and across space. At the Master level one learns how to initiate others into Reiki.

As Universal Life Energy, Reiki is the omnipresent force of all that is, pervading every being, everywhere, Everywhen. Life Force is something that we all have in common. The Reiki Healer is like a wave in an ocean of Healers who is backed by the full power of the ocean. Reiki Healing works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It grounds the body, expands consciousness, and balances the emotions.


Reiki Training is held at the Ascension Temple. The space is a portal of High Vibrations enhanced with crystals, pyramids, and sacred sounds. The Reiki Trainings are very experiential. Sacred sounds such as didgeridoos, Tibetan bowls, and voice support the attunements. The process of Awakening the Healer Within is most Reverent.

Astarius Reiki Om
Astarius Reiki Healer

Become A Reiki Healer

To become a Reiki Healer is to learn to direct the flow of Universal Life Energy. There are millions of people around the world who have been trained in the art of Reiki Healing.

To become a Reiki Healer is to become a wave carried by the tide of an Ocean of Healers.

Because all Life is connected, You are every Healer and every Healer is You.

Would you like to have the Power to, with your own hands, remove pain from your mind, body and soul? Create a deep sense of Peace within yourself? Strengthen your creative flow? Give others relief from pain and despair?

Become a Reiki Healer and reawaken your Ancient Healing Power, which is your inheritance from God.

Reiki Trainings

Usui System

Astarius Healer Lion

Every time is Now

Every space is Here

and Every Healer

is You

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