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FEAST OF THE ZODIAC: Wisdom of Astrology (Digital Download)


By Astarius Miraculii

Feast of the Zodiac: Wisdom of Astrology (Digital)

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Astrology is a synthesized study of the interaction of energy between people and planets, which gives birth to the effects of circumstances and human characteristics. The Sun, the moon and the planets are actually officers of the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect or Sowing and Reaping. We the people sow or project the cause and the heavenly bodies see to it that we reap the effect according to Divine Timing. So our only destiny is the one we create even from before this life. Astrology is linked to the principle of reincarnation. Our circumstances and character traits are effects of causes and choices of prior lives.

Your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions = (equal) cause, impressed upon the planets. The responding streams of energy released from the planets attempt to, or indeed manifest circumstances, which = (equal) Effect (pleasing or trying opportunities of Initiation), and the passing or the failing of the test (its culmination or continuation) = (equals) Affect, reflected in Attitude.

Attitudes are more important than circumstances. Attitude cannot always immediately change the effects (circumstances of your life) but can and does indeed determine what affect the circumstantial effects will have on you. Then bitter circumstances can be transformed into sweetness.

Cause is likened to the Prophet. Effect is in accord with the Prophecy Fulfilled. Affect is the Interpretation of the Fulfillment. Yet following the initial cause, the Solar System is the timer and measuring stick of the total process.

Copyright 1980 & 2014 Astarius Miraculii From the book "Feast of the Zodiac"

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