Reiki Temple Chants (Revised & embedded with binaural beats)

Astarius Reikil Temple Chants with Binaural Beats
By Astarius Miraculii with Astara E. Edmonds and Shanti Om Dedicated to the Masters Usui, Hayashi and Takata 12 songs, total time 59:24 Healing Chants, Songs and Invocations connected to the Ancient Roots of Reiki - featuring Didgeridoo and Vocal Overtones. For HEALING / INSPIRATION / ATTUNEMENTS / INITIATIONS!


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Song TitleSample
1.Reiki Fire
2. Reiki Healer
3. Sheanawah
4. Initiation
5. Timeless Traveler
6. Attunement
7. Reiki Anthem Rap
8. Reiki Master
9. Reiki Anthem
10. Spiral Dragon
11. Lighten Up
12. Initiation 1

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