Reiki Temple Chants with Binaural Beats

By Astarius Miraculii with Astara E. Edmonds and Shanti Om Dedicated to the Masters Usui, Hayashi and Takata 12 songs, total time 59:24 Healing Chants, Songs and Invocations connected to the Ancient Roots of Reiki - featuring Didgeridoo and Vocal Overtones. For HEALING / INSPIRATION / ATTUNEMENTS / INITIATIONS!

Price: $9.99

4 clip MP3 file

Song List: 1.Reiki Fire 2.Reiki Healer 3.Sheanawah 4.Initiation 5.Timeless Traveler 6.Attunement 7.Reiki Anthem Rap 8.Reiki Master 9. Reiki Anthem 10.Spiral Dragon 11. Lighten Up 12. Initiation 1

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