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Miraculii Song of Ascension BOOK AND Audio SET (Digital Download)

Ascension Wisdom and Mystical Poetry by Astarius Miraculii

Miraculii Song of Ascension Book & Audio Set (Digital)

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In the beginningless beginning there was only you, the all nests of being. In the domain of your infinite mind was the seed of all things that are, were or could ever come to be. There was no fear in you, for there was no separation. In this state you embrace only the wholeness of love. In the vastness of your being possibilities are endless. In harmony with the rhythm of your heart, you the lone totality set out to be all there is to be.


The first dance was the dance of absoluteness, rocked in the arms of peace and eternal rest. Then came the dance of multiple self-hood and you multiplied your being into more expressions than the little mind could ever conceive. You experience yourself as cosmic beings, galaxies, planets, stars, angels, men, women, children, elementals, plants, animals, minerals ad Infinitum. You are the microcosmic god, born out of your macrocosmic totality. Your being knows no limit, for you are the god within, horizon of this moment with eternity you blend. Every space is here, every time is now, everyone are you.


And now comes the test of tests. You localize yourself in one of these forms, close your eyes and lose hold on eternal remembrance. You sink your essence so deep into flesh as to know its own density first hand. It may take you half an eternity to get back home, yet you know you will return. Your insurance of return is your fully awake angelic essence that you left standing in the circle of eternity when you first entered the earth dream.

Copyright 2009 Astarius Miraculii From the book "MIRACULII SONG OF ASCENSION"

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